Webcams are small cameras, usually with a video camera, whose images can be accessed using internet, instant messaging, or a PC videoconferencing application. Webaccessible cameras have a digital camera which uploads images to a web server, either continuously or at regular intervals. This may be achieved by a camera attached to a PC, or by dedicated hardware.
What are Webcams?
Videoconferencing cameras are connected directly to a PC with internet, analog cameras can be used if connected to a video capture card and then to the internet.
Creative's new Live! Cam Voice is unique in it's quality of sound. With this 1.3 megapixel video and 5.0 megapixel photos webcam you'll sound crystal clear to your best friends and family. Creative's special audio technology includes a set of adaptive arrray microphones that reduce background noise and deliver a noise-free zone while videochatting.
Live TV on your PC!
An average webcam typically consists of a lens, an image sensor and some support electronics. There are various lenses, the most common is made out of plastic and can be screwed in and out in order to set the focus of the camera.
Creative Live!® Cam Voice
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