A videoconference system can digital compress audio and video streams in real time. A codec can help with this compression. Some codecs can achieve compression rates of up to 1:500.

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Videoconference equipment, video conferencing systems and videoconference software for distance learning and multipoint videoconferencing, Usually a videoconference is seen as a set of interactive telecom technologies which allow people form two or more locations to interact via video and audio transmissions.
Videoconferencing set-top and room systems for business communications.
Easy-to-install videoconference systems to increase productivity, encourage coöperation and share ideas.
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Although conventional videoconferencing involves costly equipment and high user fees, developing new technologies and software are bringing a videoconference within the reach of more and more people. New software programs are available that allows for videoconferencing with for example as little as a personal PC or laptop.
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